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Our Product highlights Samson Rope's main commercial marine rope types. For a complete list of ropes please visit

HIGH- PERFORMANCE MOORING LINES: Lighter lines makes for fewer crew required, shorter and safer mooring operations, and no relubing of wire. Read More >>

All Rope types >>; Main mooring line types:
AmSteel®-Blue (standard 12-strand); Quantum-Defender (reduced recoil technology); Quantum-8 (high COF); Quantum-12 (high COF); Turbo-75 (jacketed)



The ultimate towing system: it's all about connections
There is only one line between you and your client. Read More >>

All rope types >> Main Tow line types : Saturn-12 (new generation tow line); AmSteel-Blue (standard 12-strand); Quantum-8 (high COF); Quantum-12 (high COF); Turbo-75 (jacketed)



Rope Protection (Chafe Gear):
High-performance chafe protection, placed strategically on the most troubles spots, significantly increases your rope's service life. High-performance sleeves like DC Gard or the unique net-like sleeve Dynalene provide the ultimate in rope protection. Read More >>

Main Chafe Gear types : DC Gard (tightly woven); DC Moor-Gard; Dynalene (net-type); Cor-Gard



Ropes from traditional fibers (class I):
These ropes are not considered wire rope replacements, they have less strength, generally significantly more elongation under load, generally do not float on water and have much shorter service lives. However, they can have advantages in cost for a new rope and they have shock absorbing capabilities, which can be important for example with general or ship-to-ship mooring.

All traditional rope types >>; Main Shock line types : RP-12 Nylon; RP-12 SSR-1200