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The Samson Mooring Advantage:
Operators can expect fewer crew required on the line, shorter mooring operations, and no relubing of wire, all of which results in cost savings. Crews can look forward to working with lighter weight lines for easier and quicker handling, no fish-hooked hands, and reduced back injuries.

Why Samson ropes last longer:
> Only original Dyneema® yarns
> Unique Samthane protective coatings
> Rope is produced with a shorter lay. This means more Dyneema® and better abrasion and fatigue resistance.

Main mooring line types:
AS-78: Samson's AmSteel®-Blue is recognized worldwide as the standard for single braid HMPE ropes. Proven to be the best all-around wire rope replacement. AS-78 uses Dyneema SK78 fibers in the same rope for better creep performance. Read More >>
Quantum Defender, The first lightweight braided mooring line with proven reduced risk of recoil upon separation. Read More >>
Quantum-8, 8-strand, lightweight, high strength floating line that has excellent grip on hardware. Read More >>
Quantum-12, A lightweight, high-strength rope that grips hardware. Read More >>
Turbo-75, A robust, core-dependent winch line made with a braid-on-braid construction. Read More >>


Shock lines/ Mooring tails:


RP-12 Nylon, a firm, round-plait construction with good strength, and shock-loading capacities. Read More >>
RP-12 SSR-1200, A 12-strand blended rope with the wear resistance and strength of an all polyester rope but significantly lighter in weight. Read More >>

The Samson Mooring Advantage: You Won't Get This Anywhere Else

The Samson Mooring Advantage is designed for new-builds and retrofits, and adds value with critical pre- and post-sale services, and an ongoing partnership program. The Samson Mooring Advantage improves operational performance, safety, and reduces the potential risk of mooring line failures.

Pre-sale services
> Onboard mooring equipment surveys to understand and determine the most suitable products for your mooring application.
> Thorough understanding of key mooring industry regulations and standards such as OCIMF.
> Library of mooring-related technical bulletins and case studies that address related questions.

Post-sale services
> A detailed mooring line manual
> Comprehensive crew training, which includes: line handling, inspections, repair, splicing, use of chafe protection
> Annual inspection programs
> Ongoing upgrades to crew training
> Corporate training programs available
The Samson Advantage is our commitment to ensuring safe and long-term operational benefits from our high-performance products from installation to retirement.

The benefits of mooring lines made with Dyneema® are proven:
> Lightweight and strong
> Reduces weight-related injuries
> Abrasion resistant
> Less wear and tear on deck hardware
> Reduced maintenance, no relubing
> Simple end-for-ending, no additional equipment required
> Easy to handle, inspect, and repair
> Mooring times reduced by half