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Traditional Fiber Rope

TRADITIONAL FIBER ROPES (Samson's Class I) are not considered wire rope replacements. In comparison with Class II (Dyneema, Technora) these ropes have significantly less strength and generally more elongation under load; they generally do not float on water and have much shorter service lives. However, these ropes have shock absorbing capabilities, which can be important for for example general mooring applications or ship-to-ship mooring.  They are made from traditional synthetic fibers such as olefin (polypropylene or polyethylene), nylon, polyester, or a combination of these fibers.

Listed below are the most popular class I ropes. For a complete list of traditional fiber ropes please visit


RP-12 SSR-1200
A 12-strand blended rope with the wear resistance and strength of an all polyester rope but significantly lighter in weight 

RP-12 Polyester
A durable 12-strand with excellent flex-fatigue life 

RP-12 Nylon
A firm, round-plait construction with good strength, and shock-loading capacities 

Blending polyester and Dyneema® fibers, Fusion-12 bridges the gap between performance and investment for lines made of 100% traditional fibers and those made with 100% Dyneema® HMPE fiber.