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High-Performance Rope


The next generation in Samson's 12-strand working lines made with Dyneema®

> Samthane Type E coating increases
residual strength as much as 15-20%
> Improved performance over other
standard HMPE ropes
> Replaces wire rope size for size at
1/7th the weight
> Flexible
> Easy to handle, inspect, and splice
in the field
> Floats
Fiber: Dyneema®
Specific Gravity: 0.98 (floats)
Standard Color: Orange
Elastic Elongation Percentage
At % of break strength
10%................... 0.46%
20%................... 0.70%
30%................... 0.96%
Splice: 12-strand Class II
for sizes 1/4"-1-1/4"
Saturn-12 (Modified)
Tuck-Bury Splice
for sizes above 1-1/4"

Product Code: 882
12-strand Class II

Saturn-12 has an enhanced coating that improves abrasion resistance and increases residual strength as much as 15-20% when compared with other HMPE lines and their conventional coatings. Its light weight, high strength, and low stretch make it ideal for quick, efficient connections and controlled response. Saturn-12 has been tested in extreme conditions and is proven to provide a longer service life while reducing costs when compared to standard HMPE ropes available today. A compliment to other Samson working lines such as AmSteel®-Blue and Quantum-12, Saturn-12 is recommended for tug working lines on drums and as a pendant in ship-assist work. It is not recommended for use on H-bitts, capstans, or cleats due to its very low coefficient of friction.

When Using Saturn-12
Saturn-12 is designed for maximum abrasion resistance, and because of this it has no grip on a winch, capstan, or bitt. Samson has some recommendations and advice concerning the use of Saturn-12.
1) If Saturn-12 will be used on a winch, Samson recommends that a "backer" line be used. This is a soft line that provides grip on the winch. Connected to the mainline by an eye-to-eye connection, the backer line completely fills the bottom layer of the winch drum, which prevents the load on the mainline from migrating all the way to the winch, causing the line to slip from its termination.
2) The 12-strand tuck-bury splice for Class II ropes has been modified for Saturn-12. This splice has been tested and gives better results than other splices. This modification must be used on Saturn-12 products over 1-1/4 inches in diameter. These instructions are available for download on

Abrasion meets its match with Saturn-12 and Dynalene.
The Dynamic Duo
The ultimate in abrasion resistance is to use Saturn-12 with Dynalene. While Saturn-12 provides internal abrasion resistance, Dynalene protects against external abrasion, where Saturn-12 comes in direct contact with the harsh surfaces on most tug vessels.
The combination significantly extends the life of the towline.

> Face and wing wire
> Mainline
> Pendant
> Winch line